Ak fuck



my sister and my friend just came down and saw me crying to simple plan

god damn simple plan has saved my life more then once

Anonymous asked:
your playlist is fucking perfect

so are you c:

stay strong

Anonymous asked:
hey if you ever need to vent im here for you stay strong

same goes for you :)!

im-the-monster-you-createdd asked:
idk you but your perfect to me (: im proud of you for staying strong! keep it up

thanks c:

youre perfect also.

stay strong

Anonymous asked:
Just remember your life has more purpose then you can imagine. You're worth ever breath you take and you mean something special to someone. No matter how hard and bad life looks right now, you're seeing enough to overcome it. You are one amazing human being and God loves you. So please case your anxiety on him because he WILL care for you. Just have faith honey. You have so much potential.. don't waste it. Stay strong and stay happy. You've already spent so much time being miserable anyways

messages like this make life so much greater, thank you so much same goes for you!!:) cant thank you enough

usmcblondiee13 asked:
I've been depressed since I was a kid. And I'm ready to end it all at any moment now ..... what should I do ? My friend tells me to go to a psychologist , but I'm way too afraid to admit that I need help.... advice please .?

you shouldent be afraid to ask for help, it makes you look stronger and will make you feel 10x stronger then before.

its gonna be a good thing to get the help you finally need. youre going to feel so much better. dont let the demons win this war between you and them. sty strong

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